My Contract with Members

On August 1st 2022, Rishi Sunak wrote an open letter to Conservative Party members. Here is the new contract with you that he will honour if elected Party leader.

Dear Conservative Party Members,

You are the bedrock of our great Party, and the fact that we are within touching distance of an unprecedented fifth general election win is down to you - so thank you.

If you choose to put your faith in me as our Party leader, I would make significant reforms to empower our members. You carry the torch of conservatism and we are merely the temporary custodians on your behalf.

I am therefore launching a new ‘Contract to Party Members’ that will: give you a stronger voice heard at the top of government; recognise our volunteers and activists; and ensure that we keep on winning election campaigns and keep Labour out of Government.

My Contract with Party Members

  1. Give members a stronger voice:
    1. A monthly members survey with the 3 top member issues fed into Political Cabinet
      1. I will launch a monthly survey of members where you are asked to directly feed in your opinions and views about the key issues of the day.
      2. The results of your survey would be given to the Party Chairman who would then feed in the top 3 member issues directly to the Prime Minister and the Political Cabinet.

  2. Recognising our volunteers:
    1. Launching exclusive Member-led content. We would launch new products that would provide members with exclusive content from key Conservative stakeholders and influencers.
    2. Make CCHQ work for you. Open up both Conservative HQs, with all Association Chairs and Officers invited to come for a tour and meet the senior leadership team.
    3. Better value. All signed up Party Members will receive 50% off the ticket price of the first tranche of ticket releases for the Conservative Party Conference.

  3. Winning election campaigns:
    1. All target seats will be provided with a fully funded Campaign Manager. Fully fund the 80:20 General Election Strategy and recruit Campaign Managers in every one of our target constituencies.
    2. Cabinet Minister support pledge. Commit that all my Cabinet Ministers will be expected to campaign in key target seats across the country.

I am very aware of how much you all do to promote and push our Party forward.

This Contract is my commitment to you. Under my leadership I will ensure that members have a stronger voice, that volunteers are recognised and that we keep on winning election campaigns.

Yours sincerely,

Rishi Sunak

If you support this policy, join the campaign.