I have a Ten Point Plan to take back control of our borders.

Let's be honest about immigration. Our system is broken. We do not have control of our borders. Every year, thousands of people come into the UK illegally. Often, we don't know who they are, where they're from, and why they're here.

I want immigration to be legal, orderly, and controlled. At the moment, it is none of these things. That's why illegal immigration is a genuine emergency and we need to put a stop to the chaos.

And if I become your Prime Minister, this will stop, through my ten-point plan to tackle the problem.

1. Reforming our broken asylum laws.

Tightening our definition of who qualifies for asylum in the UK, giving primacy to the Refugee Convention over the more expansive ECHR interpretation. Enhanced powers to detain, tag, and monitor illegal migrants.

2. Giving Parliament control over who comes to the UK.

Creating a cap set annually by Parliament on the number of refugees we accept each year via safe and legal routes, amendable in the face of emergencies.

3. Creating a new cross-government Small Boats Taskforce.

Drawing on military expertise and working with the NCA and UK intelligence capabilities, the Taskforce will coordinate the response to every step of an illegal migrant’s journey - from the upstream operations of smuggling gangs to detention in the UK.

4. Making our Rwanda Partnership work.

Doing whatever it takes to get our partnership with Rwanda off the ground and operating at scale and pursuing other migration partnerships. No adult who enters the UK illegally will have a route to remain in the UK.

5. Strengthening Immigration Enforcement.

Increasing resources for more raids and site visits, with tougher fines and custodial sentences for those exploiting illegal labour.

6. Holding the French to account with clear targets for stopping boats.

Increasing cooperation with France to stop small boats setting out from France with clear targets to be met.

7. Sending failed asylum seekers and foreign criminals back home.

Giving migration a more prominent role in our foreign policy, with aid, trade, and visas conditional on a country’s willingness to cooperate on returns.

8. Ending the hotel farce.

Ending the use of hotels to house migrants by delivering thousands of new beds.

9. Busting the asylum backlog.

Setting a target that 80% of claims are resolved within six months of being lodged, with more case workers, incentives, simplified guidance, and better use of technology.

10. Reforming the Home Office and Border Force.

Commissioning work to look at more fundamental Home Office and Border Force reform.

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