My Ten Point Plan for Britain

Our fantastic country is at a crossroads. And the decisions we make in the next few weeks will decide our future.

I want to grip the cost of living crisis so we can grow the economy and cut taxes. Keep Brexit Safe and deliver the opportunities that Brexit gives us. Win the next General Election so we can beat Keir Starmer and avoid a disastrous Labour-led coalition, propped up by the SNP that would literally tear our country apart.

And my ten point plan below spells out exactly how I would go about doing it.


Read my Ten Point Plan

  1. Rebuilding our Economy - A long-term plan to beat inflation, encouraging investment to boost growth, and cutting the basic rate of income tax by 20%.

  2. Scrapping VAT on Energy Bills - Temporarily scrapping VAT on energy bills to support every family through the winter.

  3. Cutting NHS Backlogs - Getting to grips with the waiting list and introducing fines for missed appointments to stop our NHS being misused.

  4. Delivering on Brexit - Scrapping all EU laws that hold the economy back before the next election.

  5. Tackling Illegal Immigration - Tightening rules on asylum, capping the number of refugees and making the Rwanda Partnership work.

  6. Clamping Down on Crime - Introducing automatic custodial sentences for career criminals and an emergency taskforce to track down grooming gangs.

  7. Transforming Education - Teaching maths and English to 18, boosting technical education like apprenticeships and cracking down on poor quality degrees.

  8. Strengthening the Union - Fixing the Northern Ireland Protocol, levelling up investment in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and standing up to Nicola Sturgeon.

  9. Protecting our Green Belt - Building homes on brownfield sites, faster development of homes with planning permission, and blocking any inappropriate development on our Green Belt.

  10. Winning the next General Election - Fully funding Campaign Managers in every 80:20 target seat and giving greater power to members.

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