Rishi Sunak wants to make sure that everyone everywhere across the country has the opportunity to succeed. That’s why as Chancellor, Rishi Sunak worked to fund the Kickstart scheme to create new jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit; he launched the 5% deposit scheme so that young people can get on the housing ladder; and so much more.

And as Prime Minister, Rishi will go further to create opportunities for young people across the entirety of Great Britain. Read his plan below to find out more.

Cutting the Cost of Living

Tackling inflation and the cost of living is Rishi’s top priority. High energy bills are bad for everyone – but especially for young people, who tend to spend relatively more on energy than other age groups.

That’s why Rishi will scrap VAT on all domestic energy bills for the next year, saving the average household £190. Rishi is also committed to providing more support for young people on benefits.

Helping to Get People on the Property Ladder

Rishi helped young people get onto the property ladder by launching a scheme that helped people to receive a mortgage with a 5% deposit. As Prime Minister, he will undertake a review of long-term mortgages to see how we can go even further to create more and more affordable routes to homeownership for young people.

Rishi also wants to make sure we build more homes. He will back legislation to liberalise rules to increase density in inner city areas and use the resources of Homes England to support regeneration on brownfield sites.

Protecting the Environment

Rishi will protect the environment, committing the UK to net zero by 2050, and building jobs for the future.

Rishi is committed to protecting the environment for future generations.

As Chancellor, Rishi used our new Brexit freedoms to extend the VAT relief available for the installation of energy saving materials. Rishi will cut taxes to promote innovation and investment, and promote green finance, to build the next generation of green jobs.

And he will deliver on the 2021 Environment Act, to clean up the country’s air, restore natural habitats, increase biodiversity, reduce waste and make better use of our precious resources.

Reforming our Education System

Rishi will ensure that all young people can get a world-class education by creating a new British Baccalaureate to end the over-specialisation in A Levels and help students continue to study English and Maths.

He will radically improve the choices presented to school leavers by boosting the prestige of vocational education with a new Russell Group of technical institutions and bearing down on university courses that make students poorer.

And he will make sure young people have the best teachers by increasing professional development, improving routes to become a headteacher and using more technology in schools.

Rishi will Prioritise Young Women and Girls’ Safety

Rishi will make tackling sexual violence against women and girls a national priority.

He will introduce new offences to prevent grooming and tackle intimate photos of women without their consent. Rishi also wants tougher sentences for violent and sexual crimes against women. He has pledged life-long mental health support for rape victims. And Rishi will also ensure all survivors of sexual violence have access to same-sex spaces so those who need it can get help while feeling safe and secure.

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